What is Crossing Life’s Bridges?

Crossing Life’s Bridges is a place for those who seek assistance in growing or healing in an accepting and supportive environment. We offer one to one or small group equine coaching sessions, workshops, retreats, and phone coaching in areas of personal growth, healing, and life transitions.  In addition, team building sessions can be designed which focus on communication, leadership, and healthy relationships.

The process – Equine Gestalt Coaching Method – is experiential in nature and involves the horse as an active partner with the coach in the client’s exploratory process. It is our belief that horses have a very special gift to offer humans – being truly present without judgment.  Their eyes see into our soul and their hearts reach out to us – giving us the strength, courage, and support to truly embrace what our heart, head, and gut are telling us.  With their mere presence, horses bring to light that which is holding us back from living an authentic life.  The choice of where we walk with that authenticity is then ours.

Crossing Life’s Bridges is located in a relaxed, rural setting where you can choose to:

“CONNECT” with yourself, the horses, and the environment to bring awareness to the present moment,

Open your heart and eyes to “EXPLORE” your inner truth and the possibilities that lay before you without letting fear hold you back, and

Empower yourself to take steps to “CREATE” the right path for you – letting go of those things that do not serve you.

We honor your process – at your own pace – “Bit by Bit”.