Looking Back – Looking Forward: Create your 2022!


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

                                         –— Maria Robinson

Join us for this fun, reflective, and proactive process – sharing, laughing, and imagining – in a small group setting as you participate in this hands-on personal journey in our heated arena lounge.

During this 2-part process for two Sundays, you will gain awareness and clarity into how you spent your time in 2021 as you look forward with intention to your 2022!

During our time together, you will have time to . . .

* reflect and connect with your 2021 experiences,

* explore possibilities for 2022, and

* create the next step of your journey . . . bit by bit!

Dates: Sunday Afternoons – January 2 and 9, 2022

Time:  1:00-3:30 p.m.


   Crossing Life’s Bridges, LLC

   49970 County Road 17, Windom, MN

Looking Back

How would you describe your 2021?

Reflecting back on the previous year, it is likely we’ve all faced challenges and uncertainty. It is also possible an opportunity knocked at the door. Did you hear it? How did you respond? Although each one of us had our own journey, we’ve all been affected one way or another. What stands out for you? What parts of your physical health, relationships, emotional and mental wellness, career, finances, spiritual life, and goals have been working for you? What parts do you want or need to tweak, shift, or change?

We all have 24 hours each day. That is approximately 8760 hours? Amazing to hear that number, right?  But it isn’t uncommon to hear, “If only there were a few more hours in a day!” or “Where did the time go?” Time is something we can’t get back. How did you spend your precious time?

Looking Forward

After really reflecting on 2021, take a deep breath!  As you move into 2022, you have the freedom to continue what is good for you, complete the things that are important to you, change (shift or maybe just tweak) what needs a little adjustment, or cross off things that aren’t serving you any longer.

Adjusting how we spend our time, embracing the important things in life, and shifting with intention will move us forward . . . bit by bit.

As we cross the bridge into the new year, we link our past to our present to our future as we walk with an open heart and mind, confidence, and faith on our individual path.

Questions?  Call 507-822-3177 or email Myra: myra@crossinglifesbridges.com

* Horses will not be part of the process.

We are limiting this group to no more than 8 individuals.

Cancellation Policy: You are holding a spot, so reservations for this event are non-refundable unless we can fill your space. Please know that you may transfer your registration to another person.