When you let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart,

you will find yourself at the beginning of a great journey…

Horses are prey animals by nature; therefore, they are intuitive and and highly sensitive to their environment.  Their innate ability to sense how we are showing up in the present moment gives us the opportunity to experience, become aware of, and acknowledge our personal strengths and our struggles which impact our relationship with ourselves and others.  Given this awareness and clarity, we can shift the next step of our journey.

Our Horses


Ginger joined our family in 2003 when she was seven years old.  Her respectful nature, intuition, and quiet strength gel together to create the gift of being a strong leader.  She also has an amazing ability to connect, hold space, and provide support – making her a treasured partner in our journey!



Gabriel joined our family in 2013 when he was thirteen years old.  When he directly showed us he wanted to be an active partner in the coaching process, his name was changed to Gabriel as he truly is an “angel who serves as a messanger from God”.  He is very social, inquisitive, and animated.  He also loves to have his picture taken!  So grateful he is with us!



Royal joined our family in 2015 when he was seven years old. When I first met Royal, there was an immediate connection.  His is playful, curious, and eager to learn.  His sensitivity to others around him and his friendly disposition are true gifts.  It is awesome to watch his growth!



Annie joined our family in 2019 when she was sixteen years old.  It’s exciting to watch her shift from being in the show world to walking alongside others in our coaching practice.  She brings a sense of confidence and strength, as well as compassion and peace, as she connects with others.  We are blessed with her kind and caring soul!


In Loving Memory of Rusty (Rust Resistant)

May 27, 1985 – April 18, 2018

 We are so grateful and blessed that God brought Rusty into our family in 1998. 

Rusty had such a gentle, wise soul and was able to adjust his energy level to take care of others.  He taught our boys how to ride and taught me to always follow my heart….which led to creating Crossing Life’s Bridges. 

Rusty – you were an amazing teacher and healer.  I will forever be honored to walk with you.  Our journey will continue….Love always