There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.  —  Winston Churchill

Meet the Horses

Since horses are prey animals, they are intuitive, sensitive, and intelligent. Therefore, they are highly attuned and aware of their environment and our emotional state.

You can’t fool a horse.

Their eye can see into our soul – our inner self which is sometimes hidden even from us. Their heart reaches out to us – giving us the courage and support to truly experience all of our feelings. When we use our senses to fully take in these magnificent beings – we see their beauty and strength; we smell their calming scent; we tenderly touch their coat; and hear their neigh – we allow ourselves to get out of our heads and feel into our hearts.

With their mere presence, horses bring to light that which is holding us back from living an authentic life. The choice of where we walk with that authenticity is then ours.

In Loving Memory of Rusty (Rust Resistant)

May 27, 1985 – April 18, 2018


We are so grateful and blessed that God brought Rusty into our family in 1998. 

Rusty had such a gentle, wise soul and was able to adjust his energy level to take care of others.  He taught our boys how to ride and taught me to always follow my heart….which led to creating Crossing Life’s Bridges. 

Rusty – you were an amazing teacher and healer.  I will forever be honored to walk with you.  Our journey will continue….Love always

Our Healing Herd


Ginger is also a Registered Quarter Horse (DOB: 05/05/96).  She joined our herd in 2003.  Ginger’s respectful nature, intuition, and determination gel together to create the gift of being a strong leader.  She is very protective of Rusty and sets strong boundaries with the geldings.  Yet, Ginger has an amazing ability to connect, hold space, and provide support – making her a treasured partner in our journey!


Gabriel was born in 2000 and joined the herd in 2013.  When he entered our lives, he went by another name but it didn’t see to fit him. Gabriel can be very animated and is very clear in showing you what you need to see and understand.  He let us know very clearly that he wanted to use his gifts in helping others in the coaching process.  There was no doubt that his name would be Gabriel as he truly is an “angel who serves as a messenger from God”.  Gabriel is very social, inquisitive, and loves to have his picture taken!  So thankful he is with us.



Royal is a Registered Quarter Horse (DOB: 05/21/08) and is the newest member of our herd – joining us in November of 2015.  When I first met Royal, there was an immediate connection.  Royal is playful yet eager to learn.  His sensitivity to others around him and his friendly disposition are true gifts.  Partnering with him and watching his growth will be an amazing journey.