Events at Crossing Life’s Bridges

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Dates: TBD

Type: Group

Limit: 12 people per session

Circle Time, Horses, and Yoga

Through guided discussions or group activities, you will have the opportunity to share, laugh, reflect, and grow before you relax your heart, mind, and body through a gentle yoga in the sand in the calming presence of horses.

Dates: TBD

Type: Group

Limit: 8 people per session

Refine Your Rhythm Women’s Group

Refine Your Rhythm was created to offer an opportunity for women to come together on a regular basis to unwind, experience connection, and grow in an emotionally safe space. As our lives and schedules change from day to day, we invite you to attend when you can and when the time is right for you.

Coming in 2023

Type: Workshop

Limit: 12

What Makes You Tick?

This one-day event blends an experiential process with learning practical visual tools for helping us understand our natural or “go to” way of responding, understanding our preferences, and navigating the different relationships in our lives.

Date: TBD

Type: Group

Limit: 6 couples

Couple’s Connect Group

Are you and your spouse ready for a unique “Date Night”? An evening where you not only enjoy time together, but you also learn effective ways to strengthen your relationship!

Coming in 2023

Type: Retreat

Limit: 8

Reconnect with you Retreat

If you are ready to take a weekend to finally focus on YOU, we invite you to join us for this unique and uplifting experience. An experience where humans and horses partner together to create a safe, supportive space in a peaceful, rural setting where you can just breathe, let go of things that weigh you down, and leave feeling refreshed and renewed.