Speaking Engagements

Drawing from 35+ years in the educational and mental health fields, Dr. Myra Heckenlaible-Gotto’s presentation speaks to the challenges of balancing our personal, professional, and social lives while navigating the anticipated or unexpected transitions that arise.

Attendees learn tools and discover stategies for deepening self-awareness, managing emotions or thoughts, and creating a healthy rhythm in their lives, while giving themselves the grace and self-compassion to be human.

Dr. Myra understands the daily struggle and desire to give to everyone, except herself. Many years ago while trying to juggle the demands of being a wife, young mother, and doctoral student coupled with unrealistic expectations and a “I’ll take care of myself when I have time” mindset, she learned a hard but valuable lesson that taught her – and continues to teach her – the value of refueling her heart, resetting her mind, and feeding her soul.

With a mix of stories, experiences, and lessons learned, Dr. Myra shares her heart for teaching and passion for helping others.

Using a conversational style of presenting, she offers exceptional support, while challenging you to dig deep, encouraging you to awaken your curiosity and gain clarity as you create your next shift to regain a healthy rhythm in your life . . . bit by bit.